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What Is Art?

Art is about passion. Where does passion live? On the inside.

Creating art is difficult, because it involves accessing that innermost place where we have to face our deepest fears. We have to pass through all of our weaknesses, faults and failures to get to that hidden recess where our creative potential lies. When we get there, we’re deep in the midst of everything we love most, but we’re also surrounded by that which we despise in ourselves.

And if you can successfully battle the monsters within, reemerging into the outside world with a handful of precious stones, glowing with promise, you’ve only mastered step one. Step two is much worse: baring your creation before the public world. Did I say creating art is difficult? Sharing your art is even more frightening. Read the rest of this entry »


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Creative Minds Unite

Tanya Barber

Artistic endeavors are often solitary projects.  We sit alone with our… (choose your own instrument of expression)… and we seek to purge our souls of whatever has been fighting to be set free.  We work feverishly (or leisurely) to create and at some point declare our creation “finished.”

However, sometimes it just doesn’t feel finished.  We can look at it sideways, upside-down, and backward and not be able to explain why it isn’t exactly finished.  We just know it isn’t.  It is at this point that it is time to put our work before others. The tricky thing about doing that is in the choosing of whom to show our “precious.”  We can show our family.  Mom and Dad are always going to love it… mildly ego-boosting, but ultimately unsatisfying.  Significant other will tell you that they like it and are proud of you… even if they have no idea what they are looking at.  No…  It is not until we put our work in front of others who speak our creative language that we can feel that the feedback we receive is trustworthy and/or helpful. Read the rest of this entry »

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